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From: Trisha Beckett

Sent: Sunday, 22 January 2012 17:12

To: rsapwell1@bigpond.com

Subject: Pool lantis

In October 2011 my beautiful German Wirehaired Pointer named Lantis went outside for his early morning walk in the garden when he screamed and appeared folded in half with his legs ridged and toes turned out.
He was rushed to the vets and I later found out he had slipped a disc in his spine. He was then moved to s specialist vet where he underwent two lots of surgery and a week confinement at vets.
He required to be lifted and supported fully for the first 2 weeks when he started to try and walk, another 4 weeks and he still had not improved that much and needed aid for walking with harness both front and rear and had me up on the hour at night going out to potty.
He had been having physiotherapy but just was not improving like I hoped.
A friend had suggested I take him to the Glenmurray spa pool, so I gave them a call despite the fact that week the specialist had suggested I be kind and give up and have him put to sleep. Off I went to see The people at the pool, within 1 week of going twice a week there was an improvement and Lantis started to lift himself up without the rear harness and walk a few steps on his own. After 3 weeks his rear was so much stronger and he had some muscle happening.
After 6 weeks he was walking without any harness either end and can now walk on his own and go potty without me Aiding him.
I don't think Lantis would be here with me now if he hadn't been to the pool,
So both Lantis and I owe so much gratitude to Glenmurray spa for the special extra time we get to spend together now because of their help rehabilitating him.
I forgot to mention Mt fantastic Lantis is almost 12 years old and we look forward to being at the pool for all of 2012

Lantis continues his swimming and is joined by his new young brother named Ambrose who broke his back leg at 12 weeks
Trish Bond-Beckett

Sent from Kobnko Australia


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