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We never thought that we would have to use the pool for therapy on one of our own dogs

As we swim all our dogs twice a week just to keep their muscles strong

When Rocky was born in September 2010 we thought we would have problems as he was very small for a Golden Retriever puppy and his mother would have nothing to do with him

Like all our young pups he began swimming at four weeks old  and was soon chasing and retrieving his toy

In February 2011 he suddenly went paralysed in the back legs and after exhaustive tests of a Spinal Tap an X-Ray blood tests and a Spinal CT Scan they still had no reason for his paralysis

After a week we brought him home and immediately began intensive swimming therapy After two days he was walking very tentatively and kept improving dramatically until he was almost back to normal

The Specialists could not believe the improvement on his weekly check up

But two weeks later he had a relapse when all four legs went paralysed

We took him back to the Specialist centre where on our insistence they did a brain scan and found that he had a malformed brain

( A Birth defect)

This shows the power of hydrotherapy and Rocky’s courage

Sadly after trying everything we could we had no option but to let him go

He was a courageous little fighter to the end


Ray and Marie Sapwell

Owners of

Glemaray PetSpa

Woodford Queensland                                                                                       


                                    Rocky having Hydrotherapy       


                                            Rocky after   Hydrotherapy



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