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Kass’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

On the 11th May 2005 our Welmaraner, Kass was hit by a car outside our property at Wamuran.  After surviving the initial trauma and internal injuries, she was left with no feeling and movement in her hind legs.  After three weeks it seemed almost hopeless and putting her down appeared the best option for her; however as she had gained a slight suggestion of an improvement, in consultation with our vet, we gave her another week; however recovery at that point seemed almost impossible.  In that week Kass regained some minimal movement and feeling in her hind legs so naturally we gave her more time praying the recovery could continue.  It was in this week we found out about the Pet Spa at Woodford and hoped that in the water Kass may regain some muscle strength, flexibility and possibly reconnect some damaged neural pathways.  She looked frightened on her first entry into the pool, however with the assistance of a doggie lifejacket and the caring and competent guidance of Ray and Marie, she was able to swim and move her legs in the pool straight away.  With further visits, at first 2 - 3 times a week, Kass made steady progress.  Ray and Marie shared our excitement at her progress.  The pool seem to offer her the beast workout her legs could have; and she was able to reduce muscle loss over this time and gradually built up her abilities and then eventually she was able to walk on dry land again, unassisted!  Our home is a challenging steep slope for an injured dog and we needed her to cope at home alone.  With further pool work, in addition to regular walks on a soft flat ground, Kass has managed to regain her ability to not only walk, but also regularly breaks into a trot and canter.  We thought that six months after her accident we could not expect any further improvements, however after a  recent trip to the Pet Spa she jumped a log; which we thought she would never be able to do again.
While we believe that there are various factors that have contributed to Kass’s miraculous recovery, we do believe that the Pet Spa played a vital role in her regaining her muscle movement, strength and flexibility.  Ray and Marie provided a power of encouragement, guidance and treatment for Kass.  I have no hesitation in recommending the Glemaray Pet Spa to anyone who  has a dog that needs recovery work, building up fitness and stamina or just playing in the coolness of the pool.
Ray & Marie’s personal service and guidance makes the Pet Spa exceptionally well valued pet care.  Thank God we found them.
Gail & Chris Pipe-Martin - Wamuran


                      Kassie's first visit                                                                           kassie after five weeks


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