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Isis Jackson


To whom it may concern 

Isis, our five-year-old Rottweiler was unable to use her back legs after suffering a spinal bleed. A myelogram revealed not only the bleed but that her spinal cord had deviated over a large area. The damage was that bad the specialist had trouble getting the die used in the myelogram to travel the full length of the spine.


Isis spent a week in the vetinary hospital. The prognoses varied from day to day and one morning we had prepared for the worst after the vet said she could not use her front legs either (this was a recitation to the dye).


The front legs did improve and we were able to take her home by the Friday. Strict rest and towel walking were the instructions. Isis had developed a urinary infection while in hospital and now was on antibiotics. The vet had recommended hydrotherapy but this was not possible until the infection had cleared up.


Two weeks later, with very little or no improvement in her back legs, we were able to start hydrotherapy at Ray and Marie’s facility. Once a very reluctant Isis was in the water she immediately started to exercise her back legs in a way that had been impossible up until now. The improvement was immediate. We took Isis 3 days in a row and she was walking unassisted after the treatment. We have had four treatments now. We still walk Isis with the towel but only as a safety precaution. She takes all he own weight.


We have no hesitation in recommending Ray and Marie’s facility for anyone who wants to give their dog every chance at recovery for any mobility, nerve damage. Arthritis and/or joint problem.


A further bonus is the wonderful and caring attitude Ray and Marie have to the animals they are treating.




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For the first time she walked into the pool unaided but needed help to get into and out of the water the water


Walking unaided and getting in and out of the pool herself













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