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 After Khan, our 7 year old staffy, underwent her second cruciate ligament operation, we really noticed that her muscle tissue had totally wasted away ,also she was only walking on 3 legs, so walking wasn’t going to help her. The vet highly recommended that after surgery the main form of exercise should be swimming.

Well there was no way my puppies were going in a dirty cold creek and since we had no pool we Glemaray PetSpa. It was the perfect solution especially during the winter months when Khan had her surgery.

After only three sessions, once a week and with wearing a doggie life jacket Khan was back walking on all four legs with no sign of lameness and already she was building back muscle again, it was amazing. Initially Khan was quite hesitant and scared, but with Marie and Ray’s excellent guidance and only after a couple of months Khan is really starting to enjoy it. It helps that we take along our other staffy, Kara, who goes just for fun as she has had no injury and she absolutely loves diving into the pool to get her ball. So with the help of Kara. Khan is now also diving into the pool with no lifejacket. Then after swimming we are outside in the paddock for more balls and to dry off. The dogs love it.

After Khan’s first cruciate ligament surgery it took ages for her knee to heal but after her second surgery and with swimming at Glemaray PetSpa the healing was much faster, therefore it is definitely worth the 45 min drive to Woodford. We highly recommend this facility


Mark and Susan Morrison

Aussie Pooch Mobile

Petrie Kahn being taught to fetch



KHAN BEING TAUGHT TO FETCH                                         KHAN SWIMMING WITH THE BALL



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Last modified: 20/02/2012