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My 7 year old Maltese x Bichon Frise dog Molly was diagnosed with an infiltrative Lymphoma in her shouilder in September 2005 Fortunately the tumour was benign, but because it is a particularly aggressive type, a large amount of muscle mass and surrounding tissue had to be removed

I started doing physiotherapy for a few weeks after surgery, but I wasn’t really happy about what I had to do to her.

At this time I heard about Glemaray PetSpa so phoned and made an appointment to visit. On meeting Marie and Ray and seeing the fascilities, I booked Molly in for the three day initial treatment, then three times a week for 2 weeks, then twice weekly. Now we only go once a week

I must admit that I was a bit hesitant at first, but after the first two weeks I couldn’t believe the improvement in Molly’s mobility

Before her surgery Molly had been competing in Jumping and Agility competitions and had gained her Novice Jumping Title and had two legs in Novice Agility In the first nine months of beginning competitions

I thought after surgery it would be the end of her competing as the physiotherapist said it would be at least six months before she would be able to do any real exercise and she may not be able to do Agility again

After only three months of swimming Molly was ready to start with gentle exercises and now is back in training to gain her final leg in Novice Agility

I know that without the dedication and knowledge of Ray and Marie,  Molly wouldn’t be ready to compete again if at all in the future

It goes without saying that I very highly recommend Glemaray PetSpa

Not only has Molly gained her mobility in half the time but I have learnt so much from Ray and Marie

I can’t thank them enough



Toni Farrar


Molly's update

On 6th May Molly competed  in and passed her Agility title . After being told that she might never

 compete again and would take a long time to recover Molly has now with the help of Glemaray

PetSpa Hydrotherapy and a change in diet  to Raw Meaty Bones  has now defied the odds

and has a clean bill of health



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