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 Jackson Parker


We are the proud owners of a wonderful Rottweiler; Jackson was born on 24/10/2004.  When we first collected Jackson from the breeder he was a very energetic little puppy.  Within a couple of months he became a very lame and a very unhappy puppy.  With several visits to the vet they diagnosed him with Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.  His front elbows were very lame and we decided to operate. The operation to his front right leg was a success to start with and we were very happy with the results, within another two months Jackson deteriorated and no longer wanted to exercise or go for a walk and was having difficulties getting around with the pain from the arthritis that had developed.  We had Jackson on Metacam everyday, an anti inflammatory which reduced the pain for a better quality of life with long term side effects. 

Jackson was not able to run around with other dogs or go for walks which were frustrating for him.  Even playing with us was limited. 

The beginning of 2006 we were delivered with bad news that Jackson at 14 months old would have to battle over the next few months to determine his future.  The operation was not a success as only 6months after his operation he was limping on that leg again and shifting the weight to his rear legs complicating things more.  We decided to medicate him and tough out the winter to see the outcome. 

 I changed vets to get another opinion and they advised swimming him would build up some muscle as his muscle had deteriorated from the operation and lack of exercise in the following months.

 We got hold of Glemaray Pet Spa and haven’t looked back…………..

 After three visits Jackson had a remarkable change in attitude and after six visits he was walking around with ease.  I have now taken Jackson off him Metacam anti inflammatory and he is a new dog.  Jackson will never be cured of his generic disease but life has definitely taken a turn for the best.  He looks forward to going for his swim with Ray.  We have never had Jackson as a playful puppy and now that he is feeling better he is wearing us out.  Jackson has better use of his legs with the support from the muscle build up it is very had to keep him still.  Marie and Ray treat Jackson like a special guest and with their knowledge and experience with dogs we find it difficult to convince Jackson it is time to go home.  We love going to the Spa as we get to spend the quality time with him and see him enjoying life.  If we can extend Jackson’s life as pain free as possible then anything is worth trying………..

 We want to thank Glemaray Pet Spa for helping Jackson with a happier quality of life.


Tracey & Dennis Parker





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