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Sashaís Story

At thirteen and a half years Sasha was just about bed ridden. The only time she moved from the bed was to go for a nature walk and then straight back to bed. She was finding it difficult getting in the car. She had been accidentally run over by a couple of our horses on separate occasions. We think this contributed to her difficulties and stiffness. She had also lost interest in food.

I had taken her to the vetís and after being on pain killers her mobility and appetite improved. Then a friend suggested hydrotherapy.

I finally rang Marie and had Sasha booked in for the initial three day sessions. At the end of the third day there was definite improvement. We have now been coming for twice a week for about six months. Sasha has improved out of sight since the tennis balls were introduced. Her two great loves are swimming and retrieving so the balls were motivation to strike out harder and reach another level in her swimming.   

Sasha is now off all pain medications. Her energy levels are back to what they were at about four years of age. Trying to keep up with her is an awesome task. Her appetite is back with a vengeance.

Sasha has survived melanomas in her right eye which had to be removed, had a 5% chance of surviving
hemangiosarcoma past twelve months (it has now been two and half years) and thanks to Ray and Marie she will be around for many more years.

Sasha seems to have inbuilt radar for when it is her swimming days and gets very excited as it gets closer to the time to jump into the car. Iím just glad it is only a five minute drive as the noise level would get a little unbearable.
I have also started bringing our second
vizsla along just for socializing and fun so he doesnít feel left out.

Sue Woolley



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Last modified: 20/02/2012