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ďJDĒ is a five year old German Shepherd. In October 2005 he started walking abnormally. I immediately thought Hip Dysplasia and took him for X-Rays. The X-Rays showed that JDís hips were in fact excellent and was not the cause of his unusual gait. He was put on anti-inflammatory for several months but this did little to help his condition. The X-Rays were sent to a Specialist who diagnosed JD with a rare condition which is almost exclusive to German Shepherds. The condition causes the gracilis muscle to contract and the hind legs cannot stretch, giving the appearance of goose stepping. It is not a painful condition but eventually the movement in the hindquarters will become more restricted. Surgery can be done but the condition returns within six months. I didnít think it was fair to JD to have him go through surgery with such a prognosis.

Hydro-therapy was an alternative in which I saw JD able to continue to be active and perhaps prolong his mobility. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would see the extension in JDís hind legs like I see when he swims. Donít get me wrong ,he isnít cured, nor will he be, but if he can continue to stretch his muscles the way he does whilst swimming I think I will have him around a lot longer than previously thought

If Glemaray PetSpa hadnít been around JDís future would have been bleak. Canine hydrotherapy isnít a Ďmiracleí, it is common knowledge that swimming is beneficial to many human conditions without the strain that one can encounter during out-of-water exercise. Why shouldnít dogs have the same benefits too?

JD looks forward to swimming sessions and I have to say I have noticed that he appears much happier and all this has happened within three weeks!

Iím so glad I found Ray and Marie at Glemaray PetSpa as is JD

Thanks guys Iím sure JD will be around a lot longer because of you


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