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David Hallam
97 Hall Road
Elimbah 4516
Ph. (07) 54974413
February 20th2007

Our Bassett (Snoopy) injured his spine, which left him totally paralysed from the waist down. A week after surgery he had some movement in the right leg, the left was limp and he was unable to support himself, requiring a harness under his hips so he could be taken into the yard.

A further two weeks passed without change so our vet suggested we contact GLEMARAY pet spa. I spoke to Ray Sapwell regarding Snoopy's condition and he asked us to bring him out the following afternoon.

Both Ray and Marie were optimistic when I ‘walked’ him down the path to the spa, saying they were sure they could help him, having had simular cases before. Snoopy had 3 consecutive sessions that first week, the end of which he was able to stand on his right leg and swing the left to the side, still needing the harness to walk. Ray reduced the sessions to 2 a week continuing to work on both legs in the spa. The results were astounding. At the end of the third week we no longer needed the harness as he was able to walk (even run) occasionally rolling the left foot under, but mobile. After another week he is filly active and occasionally rolls that left foot. He’s down to once a week now and I’ve no doubt that if that foot can be corrected Ray is the one to do it.

The dedication of Ray and Marie to the work they do, the compassion and understanding shown to both pet and owner is to be applauded. Ray never once showed anything but positive determination. I admit that I was sceptical at the start but willing to try anything. Within the first week, watching and listening to Ray work and talk to Snoopy, instilled in me total confidence in what Ray was doing and there was no doubt in my mind that he would achieve that which he had set out to do.. .get my Snoopy mobile and back to normal again.

I cannot stress enough what Ray and Marie are achieving at GLEMARAY. In our case (and I don’t think Snoopy was unique) the vets had ‘given up’, we were more or less told that was probably as good as he will be, cripple with no quality of life, needing carried and supported whilst going to the toilet etc.
I am only too willing to discuss in person our experience with Ray and Marie Sapwell and the work the are doing at GLEMARAY. I urge anyone considering using GLEMARAY and having reservations (as I did) to contact me at the above number.

Yours sincerely

David Hallam



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