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Heidi  The Hydrotherapy Miracle Dog

On 27th of August 2008nHeidi Peckitt arrived at the Brisbane Valley Vets She had been hit by a car outside her home. Heidi had the odds stacked against her Being an 11 year old Doberman she was already quite weak in hind legs but due to the accident she had acquired a dislocated right hip and her left rear leg was fractured in two places. Heidi was otherwise fit and healthy  and her owners were committed to giving her a chance so the right hip was re-located and the left leg put in a cast to heal After nine long weeks of enforced bed rest her cast was removed on the 21st of October

Her legs had ‘healed’ but during that time the muscles in her back legs had wasted dramatically . We now had an old dog with two very weak back legs. Heidi could not walk or even stand so could not rebuild her muscles  and so they were continuing to waste. We were left with a dilemma…. What to do now ? would all our efforts up till now have been in vain?  What Heidi needed was physiotherapy but where would we find that around Toogoolawah?

Amazingly we do have one of the few Canine Hydrotherapy ce3ntres in Australia on our doorstep. Glemaray PetSpa Canine Hydrotherapy Centre in Woodford offers exactly the type of non-concussive exercise physiotherapy that Heidi needed to strengthen her muscles

Glemaray PetSpa has been operating for four years and Ray and Marie Sapwell are committed to giving back quality of life to dogs debilitated and weakened by injury and disease Each patient receives a structured session in their full size heated swimming pool especially for dogs

On the 14th November Heidi arrived at Glemaray PetSpa for her first visit supported by a towel under  her tummy because she was too weak to support herself. After only four visits she was able to stand unaided and take a few steps—after five visits she could stand occasionally---two weeks later she could walk on a lead---and her strength continues to improve weekly

The improvement in Heidi , directly related to hydrotherapy sessions has been remarkable and thanks to hydrotherapy now has quality of life again

Ray and Marie at Glemaray PetSpa would urge anyone with dogs with muscle weakness not to give up hope on their animals and to consider trying hydrotherapy as the results speak for themselves

They have had great results with dogs in post operative recovery, injury recovery  , hipdysplasia ,arthritis or just general exercise



Terry Peckitt



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